Brief Introduction

>>Our History

Dalian Maritime University was born of shipping, with over 110 years of history. Its predecessor is the shipping administration section of the Shanghai advanced industrial school established by the Post and Communication Department in 1909. It is a national key university under the direct leadership of the Ministry of Transport. Known as the cradle of navigator, Dalian Maritime University is a famous maritime university in China, and has been recognised as one of the few world maritime universities with high international reputation by the International Maritime Organisation.

The discipline of economics and management is one of the oldest at Dalian Maritime University. During the long history, the development of the discipline kept interacting with the destiny of the nation, the national seaborne power, and the development of university. In 2017, the Dalian Maritime University integrated economics- and management-related disciplines to establish the School of Maritime Economics and Management. The School will serve the needs of national strategy and industrial development, and actively engage in the development of shipping, transportation, modern logistics, cruise tourism, capital finance, information technology, and become an important driving force in supporting and leading the national transportation power and the marine power development.

>>Discipline Construction

School of Maritime Economics and Management currently has 11 majors, including Logistics Management, Information Management and Information System, E-commerce, International Economy and Trade, Economics, Business Administration, Tourism Management, Financial Management, Financial Engineering, Big Data Management and Application, Supplychain Management. The School has the first-level discipline doctoral degree programme and the first-level discipline post-doctoral research station of Management Science and Engineering (MSE). The School has three first-level discipline master's degree programmes of Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration, and Applied Economics. The School also has four professional master's degree programmes, including Industrial Engineering, Project Management, Engineering Management, and International Business. The Management Science and Engineering discipline has been entitlted as the key discipline in Liaoning Province.

The School has one key laboratory of the Logistics and Shipping Management System Engineering of Liaoning Province and one research centre of Dalian Smart Port Engineering. Furthermore, the Maritime Economics and Management Experimental Teaching Centre consists of a number of laboratories, including Information Management and Information systems, E-commerce, Economics and Commerce, Electronic Sandbox and Entrepreneurial Simulation, Cruise Yacht Simulation, and Financial and Investment Simulation.


The School has a high quality faculty group, with appropriate hierarchical structure and stable condition. The School has one Innovation Team of the Ministry of Education and two Innovation Teams of the Liaoning Province. The School has more than 100 full-time faculty members, including 22 professors, over 40 associate professors, and more than 20 doctoral supervisors. Among them, there is one Youth Top Talent of National “Millions of Plan”, two New Century Excellent Talents (NCET) of Ministry of Education, one Young Talents of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Transport, three “Xingliao Talents” youth top talents, three candidates of “Millions of Talents Project” of Liaoning Province, 1 Dalian Leading Talent, and 1 Dalian Outstanding Young Talents of Scientific and Technology.

The staff of the School have won various honorary titles such as the Special Government Allowance of the State Council, the Famous Teacher of Liaoning Province, the Outstanding Teachers of Liaoning Province, the Outstanding Contribution Experts of Dalian, and the “Three Aspects of Education” model of Dalian. They often participate in academic exchanges, visits and further studies at home and abroad. Many teachers have become members of many academic organisations in China and expert consultants of international organisations. The School attached great importance to the construction of academic style and the cultivation of students' abilities and skills. The staffs are enthusiastic about the growth of students and personally guiding students to participate in international and domestic competitions. Students have frequently won high-level awards in those competitions.


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