In recent years, the school has undertaken more than 100 projects including the National Social Science Fund major projects, the National Natural Science Foundation major projects, the National Natural Science Foundation, and the National Social Science Fund Projects. The school has strong scientific research capabilities in fields of international shipping, logistics management, port design and planning, port management and management, business administration, economic and trade, information management and e-commerce, etc.. A number of research results have been awarded at the national, provincial and ministerial levels, and relevant government recommendations have been approved by national, provincial and ministerial leaders.

Paper Picks in 2018 

ZHENG WANG, Delivering meals for multiple uppliers: Exclusive or sharing logistics service. Transportation Research Part E:   Logistics and Transportation Review    

BING HAN, Screening of Port Enterprise Value Chain Routines Based o Evolution Equilibrium. WIRELESS PERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS    

XIANG CHU, Reverse channel selection decisions with a joint third-party recycler. International Journal of Production Research    

JIAGUO LIU, The coordination mechanisms of emergency inventory model under supply disruptions soft computing.    

YAN LIN, Do Less Active Participants Make Active Participants More Active? An Examination of Chinese Wikipedia Decision support systems    

TAOYING LI, Support Vector Machine Classifier for Accurate Identification of piRNA. APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL    

TAOYING LI, Co-Occurrence Network of High-Frequency Words in the Bioinformatics Literature: Structural Characteristics and Evolution. APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL    

SHAOQIANG YU, The economic benefit of liner ships with lower speed. ADVANCES IN MECHANICALENGINEERING    

YAN CHEN, Memetic algorithm based on sequential variable neighborhood descent for the minmax multiple traveling salesman problem. Computers & Industrial Engineering    

LILI XU, Environmental policies with excess burden of taxation in free-entry mixed markets. International Review of Economics and Finance    

LILI XU, Ex-ante versus ex-post privatization policies with foreign penetration in free-entry mixed markets. International Review of Economics & Finance    

CHANGPING ZHAO, An Empirical Study of the Relationship between Global Competitiveness and “The South China Sea Issue” Stakeholders’ Service Trade Network. 3rd Annual international conference on    


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